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Is Nature Tech The Next Big Idea In Investing

Technology has become a vital resource to keep Earth’s natural beauty in pristine condition and find new ways to reverse the effects of climate change. The world needs more advanced solutions beyond planting new trees or reducing water consumption. 

To do this, more products have to be made with sustainable materials. To understand where the largest source of emissions comes from, we have utilized concepts like satellite mapping and plant-based cosmetics. 

What Is Nature Tech?

Nature tech is any technology that uses nature-based solutions to combat climate change.

More startups are developing technology that will help nature and give us a better understanding of how we can continue the battle. It’s also emerging as a profitable industry.

Nature4Climate, an environmental tech advocacy group, published a white paper that said nature-based solutions make sense financially because $44 trillion of economic value relies on nature

Photo Courtesy Terraformation

Companies Making Waves

Several nature tech companies have made strides in the last couple of years. Evolved by Nature, a natural cosmetics company, has been backed by some serious capital. Its investors include former NFL defensive end and “Good Morning America” host Michael Strahan

Alongside a Series C funding round of $120 million, Evolved by Nature creates its products with Activated Silk, a chemical combination that uses upcycled silk cocoons instead of petrochemicals. The silk is not only good for the environment and economy, but it’s also good for your skin. The chemical Claudin found in silk helps to bind skin cells together for a healthier look and feel. Strahan’s investment led to his line of men’s skincare and shaving products. 

Evolved by Nature offers a sustainable cosmetic line without using petroleum or microplastics. Less waste ends up in landfills. As a result, more silkworms can grow, and more readily-available sources of silk result from using Evolved by Nature’s products.

DroneSeed and DroneDeploy are two startups using drones to replant trees and native plants in areas affected by natural disasters. DroneSeed was founded after wildfire disasters in Washington state, using drones to drop seeds all over the ravaged areas. DroneDeploy out of San Francisco uses drones to analyze data and create 3D models to most effectively target areas needing reforestation or new vegetation. Investing in these industries could yield better carbon sequestration and better returns of trees in some of the hardest-hit areas.

Habitat and vegetation restoration efforts are coming from Terraformation, a unique startup that harnessed solar power and water desalination to combat desertification. Terraformation’s work involves using native seeds from these areas while desalinating saltwater to support growth. They have done extensive projects in Hawaii, Kenya, and Mozambique by tapping into Eden Restoration Project seed bank. 

Photo Courtesy Pachama

Artificial intelligence is also playing a role in technology’s assistance in climate change reversal. Two companies, Ctrees and Pachama, use satellite imaging and AI to monitor carbon dioxide emissions and first carbon mapping. They do everything from counting the number of trees in a forest to consulting companies on where they should plant next. Countries like Brazil, Denmark, and the U.S. have tapped into these satellite images and models to fight emissions problems. Pachama has garnered celebrity endorsements, including Serena Williams as an investor. 


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