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Galvanize Climate Solutions Eyes Efficient Farming Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in addressing the world’s food crisis is helping farmers improve crop yields. This is no easy task considering that climate change has contributed to a steep rise in droughts, floods, and other extreme weather events that wreaked havoc on the world’s farmland.

Overcoming the challenge requires comprehensive data on everything from the availability of water and sunlight to the optimal time to fertilize. It also requires funding to help agriculture technology and data firms scale up their operations and reach a broader population of farmers.

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Among the emerging players on the funding side is Galvanize Climate Solutions, a San Francisco-based investment firm that targets companies and technologies designed to battle climate change. Galvanize launched in 2021 to great fanfare thanks to a leadership team that includes Tom Steyer, founder and former head of Farallon Capital Management, and Katie Hall, founder, and Co-Chair of Hall Capital Partners. 

Galvanize’s mission is to provide seed, venture, and expansion funding to companies committed to decarbonization. It looks to set itself apart from other investment firms by providing the technical, policy, and communications expertise and funding. It also plans to contribute a portion of its profits to broader climate and climate justice movements.

In July, Galvanize announced a significant investment in agriculture technology when it led a $40 million Series C funding round for fellow San Francisco company Arable, a provider of weather tools and solutions to help farmers optimize crop yields. 

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Arable provides real-time data and predictive analytics across more than 40 metrics, including rainfall, crop water demand, water stress, microclimate, canopy biomass, and chlorophyll levels. In practical terms, the company can help farmers determine the amount of sunlight and water crops are getting and when to irrigate or fertilize crops for the best results. The goal is to help farmers build experience and expertise to improve crop growth, harvest timing, yield, and crop quality. 

Other participants in the funding round included Qualcomm Ventures and existing Arable investors Prelude Ventures, S2G Ventures, Ajax Strategies, Grupo Jacto, Middleland Capital, M2O, and iSelect. Saloni Multani, a partner at Galvanize Climate Solutions, joined Arable’s board of directors at the close of the round.

Photo Courtesy Arable

Galvanize chose Arable because it fills a need for new technologies that can improve the financial, productive, and ecological outcomes of farming

“It’s a global imperative that we find new solutions to reduce emissions, increase agricultural resilience, and create a more sustainable food supply,” Multani said. “Arable is at the cutting edge of farm innovation with technologies that combine the next frontier of connected sensors and machine learning. We are excited to lead this investment round because the company’s technology aligns with our mission to scale vital and urgent climate solutions.”

Arable offers a streamlined solution to let agricultural professionals quickly and easily access essential data on weather, soil, plant health, and other environmental conditions, helping them make informed decisions throughout the growing season.

For example, Arable uses sensors that analyze crops’ growth and stress patterns based on weather, soil moisture, and irrigation data to optimize water use. The company claims to have helped customers reduce irrigation by up to 50% while keeping yields and quality consistent. The company also offers solutions designed to protect crops from loss due to pests and disease. 

Photo Courtesy Arable

Arable has created a network of 30 global research institutions to ensure accurate data on more than 50 sites across 15 different climate zones. The company serves customers in 40 countries. 

To ensure accuracy, other investments listed on Galvanize Climate Solutions’ website include: 

  • Higg – a software platform that helps clients track impacts ranging from carbon emissions to working conditions. 
  • Regrow – a software platform designed to transform farming and food systems. 
  • Routing Company – an on-demand vehicle routing and management platform that partners with cities to develop sustainable transit solutions.


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