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EcoFlow’s Delta 2 Max

Whether camping, fixing things outdoors, or needing a home backup, EcoFlow’s solar-powered portable power stations are a great alternative to traditional generators. The company recently launched its Delta 2 Max, an upgraded version of its Delta 2 series to provide enough capacity to power an average family’s emergency needs for two days.

At 2,048 watt-hour, the new unit extends the off-the-grid range by providing an upgraded battery, faster charging, and longer battery life.

Photo Courtesy EcoFlow 

“The DELTA 2 Max delivers the cutting-edge technology, fast charging speed, and lightweight design our users are looking for in the portable power space,” said Brian Essenmacher, North American head of business development at EcoFlow. “As we continue to advance our products, we hope to encourage more people to make the switch to clean energy and reduce their carbon footprint with our easy-to-use sustainable solutions.”

The device is clean and maintenance-free as it doesn’t need to use fuel like traditional gas generators. It can be charged by solar or via a wall socket, so there are no fumes or loud noises.

It can power up to 15 devices, such as fridges, microwaves, clothes washers, Wi-fi routers, TVs, and other high-wattage devices of up to 3,400 watts.

Photo Courtesy EcoFlow 

The power station can also be a partial home backup using optional batteries and a home transfer switch. The solar panel is sold separately and can charge the device in just over two hours. It retails for $1899, not including the solar panel.

Delta 2 Max provides ten years of power, even if used daily. After 3,000 complete cycles, the power station switches to 80% of capacity.

EcoFlow was founded in 2017 by several battery engineers who had worked on drone technology to make its battery lightweight, powerful, and long-lasting. They created EcoFlow to provide clean, mobile power solutions to consumers. The company has over two million users in over 100 countries and regions.

As EcoFlow evolved, it introduced an entire home smart energy management system. With its plug-and-play features and a smart home panel, the station can switch on automatically in case of a power outage. And it can be controlled with a remote control or via a phone app. 

EcoFlow competes in the mobile charging market with companies such as Duracell, ChargeTech, LionEnergy, and Scott Electric.

Photo Courtesy EcoFlow 

According to global technology research firm Technavio, the portable power station market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 8.59% from 2022 to 2027. Growth is also accelerating and is estimated to be the fastest in China and Australia. 

The portable power station market is still quite fragmented, so that the area could see an increase in mergers and acquisitions and the development of new products, noted Technavio.

“The growing demand for uninterrupted and reliable power during power outages is notably driving the portable power station market growth,” noted Technavio’s report. “Rising instances of natural disasters have resulted in the demand for uninterrupted and reliable power systems. Portable power systems are crucial in these situations as they provide emergency power to hospitals and emergency shelters.”

Photo Courtesy EcoFlow 

Another trend driving the growth is increasing participation in outdoor and camping activities.

“…Advancements in technology are fueling the demand for camping lights and lanterns, which is accelerating the need for portable power stations for charging these light sources,” the report said.

However, Some challenges remain, such as still relatively long charging times for solar-powered stations and their higher cost vs. portable generators.


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